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Seasonal Downloads

Christmas: Lesson A: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus: Jesus is a Gift
Christmas: Lesson B: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus: We Will Worship Him
Christmas: Supplemental: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus
Easter: Lesson A: Celebrating the Resurrection: The Death and Burial of Jesus
Easter: Lesson B: Celebrating the Resurrection: Jesus is Alive!

Unit 1: Beginning With God

Lesson A: God's Word, the Bible
Lesson B: What is God Like?
Lesson C: Creation: God's Fingerprints
Lesson D: God Made Me!
Lesson E: Making the Right Choice
Lesson F: Our Quest - Finding the Way to God

Unit 2: Jesus - God's Wonderful Son

Lesson A: Jesus is God's Son
Lesson B: Jesus Begins His Ministry
Lesson C: Jesus Feeds the 5,000: Let's Do Lunch!
Lesson D: Jesus Calms the Storm
Lesson E: Jesus Teaches Us To Pray
Lesson F: Jesus is a Friend

Unit 3: God's Promises Are Sure

Lesson A: Jesus is Our Coming King: Jesus is Coming Again!
Lesson B: Jesus is Coming Again: New Heaven, New Earth
Lesson C: Noah: Rain, Rain, Go Away
Lesson D: Noah: A Rainbow Promise: Noah Gives Thanks
Lesson E: God Calls Abraham
Lesson F: Abraham's Faith Is Tested

Unit 4: Joseph & Moses: Chosen By God

Lesson A: Joseph and His Brothers
Lesson B: Joseph in Egypt
Lesson C: Moses Born and Called
Lesson D: Plagues of Egypt: Moses and the Plagues
Lesson E: Moses Leads the People
Lesson F: Thanksgiving: Gee, Thanks!

Unit 5: Jesus the Great Teacher

Lesson A: The Wise and Foolish Builder
Lesson B: Good Samaritan
Lesson C: Sower and the See: Sowing Seeds
Lesson D: The Prodigal Son: The Runaway
Lesson E: Jesus and His Disciples: He Chose Twelve
Lesson F: Jesus Teaches Forgiveness: How Many Times?

Unit 6: Living a Life of Faith

Lesson A: Baptism: Wash Away Your Sins
Lesson B: Our Chruch: What Is The Church?
Lesson C: Fruit of the Spirit: Gifts From God
Lesson D: Our Body, God's Temple: Only One Me!
Lesson E: Home Missions: Celebrating the Good News
Lesson F: Celebrating the Good New: Peter and Cornelius

Unit 7: Joshua the Great Leader

Lesson A: Joshua's Preparation: Joshua Becomes the Leader
Lesson B: Rahab and the Spies: Magic Rope
Lesson C: Fall of Jericho: The Walls Came Tumbling Down
Lesson D: The Sun Stands Still
Lesson E: Crossing the Jordan River: Friend or Foe
Lesson F: Gideon: God Guides Gideon

Unit 8: Jesus Changes Lives

Lesson A: Simeon and Anna
Lesson B: Jesus Blesses the Children
Lesson C: Jesus and the Blind Man: The Healing Touch
Lesson D: Jesus and the Woman at the Well: Living Water
Lesson E: Jesus and Peter: Fishing with Peter
Lesson F: Jesus and Zacchaeus

Unit 9: Old Testament Heroes

Lesson A: Job
Lesson B: Deborah
Lesson C: David: One Little Stone
Lesson D: Daniel: Daniel's Story
Lesson E: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego: In a Fiery Furnace
Lesson F: Esther

Unit 10: Daily Christian Living

Lesson A: Armor of God: Gear Up!
Lesson B: Praise and Worship: Worship - A Meeting of the Hearts
Lesson C: Beatitudes: Blessings
Lesson D: Value Builder: Honesty
Lesson E: Christian Love: Love in Action
Lesson F: Keeping the Faith: Peter