Church of God & Abrahamic Faith Resources

We want to welcome you to the brand new & unfinished resource site for the Church of God General Conference.

Our goal is to gather as many materials as possible in a single place that are produced by present & past members of the Church of God General Conference and people who share Abrahamic Faith from around the country as well as the world. The truth of God's Word does not belong to any single denomination, and it is certainly not limited to a particular country, nationality, race, or culture.

Not all of the beliefs espoused by the writers & content creators you will find here are in perfect alignment. But they do represent the wide variety of believers that have come to see from the Scriptures that God is One and that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah.

We hope you will find many valuable resources here to stretch your own thinking, aid you in your study of the Bible, share with friends & loved ones seeking God's truth.